Brentwood Open

With 36 of Recoil’s members competing Sunday was going to be a busy day.

Starting at  9.30 with some of the youngest competitors at Grade G the day got off to an excellent start with 9 Girls in the Under 11s Megan Hatwell was on fire as she completed two excellent routines that gained her silver and scoring 45.8 qualified up to Grade F. Her team mates of Olivia Rooke 9th,Grace Bowtell 11th Rae Feltham ,Olivia Batty,Isabelle Toms,  Mily Cordwell and Ashleigh ONeil also did well some of them competing for the first time.

Thomas Aris & Jack Jacobs bouncing for the first time competed two steady routines each and came 5th & 6th in their groups.

Alyssa Prince & Holly Hatwell were up next in the under 9s grade G Alyssa bounced well not only coming 2nd but qualifying to grade F by 1.6 marks, Holly came 5th in her first G compeiton.

Grade E bouncers Lilly Osman & Emma Ince  were next both newly qualified to this grade bounced well coming 5th & 7th respectively.

The very youngest girls were on next Grade H Under 9s  the team of Sharna-Marie Attrell, Rae Butcher, Isobelle Lovell, Mia Machin & Phoebe Clothier won gold with all 5 girls doing their best routines.

The grade D bouncers of Thomas Gregory & Cerys Jones were up next , Tom was trying out his new routine and Cerys was competing at this grade for the first time they both struggled a little with nerves but were pleased with their performances and 4th & 5th places.

Becky Humphries in the most experienced group of the day Grades C-A put in two solid routines and was pleased to come 6th with girls competing much higher tarriffs

Lauren Reynolds 47.9  & Mellissa Knight 47.7 in the Grade F Under 11 girls came 1st & 2nd  and also qualified to grade E with team mate  Hannah Collett  47.1 just behind in 3rd the three girls also scoped teh team gold.

Thea Taylor in the  Grade F under 13 s won gold easily with the clubs highest score of the day of 49.3 and also qualified to grade E.

Kaiys Dobson was competing in the grade F under 17 s and came 6th.

Jasper Jefferies was the only Grade F boy and he competed at this grade for the first time coming 4th.

Two new members  Liam Morton & Ashley Rutter were competing for the first time in the boys under 15 grade H did very well coming 3rd & 4th.

The team of under 13 girls grade G were next to compete winning the

gold medal were Mahlia Garrigon who came 3rd , Isobelle Johnston 4th Ellie Vincent 8th & Holly Tanner 10th

Kirsty Highwood our  oldest competitor did two of her best routines and it showed with her winning the bronze trophy.

Daniel Morgan probably the youngest one in the Grade E boys mixed group also did two extremely good routines against older boys and came 3rd.



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