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Timetable May 16

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Parent & Toddler

Our Parent/Toddler sessions are for children aged 9 months strictly up to 2 years and 364 days.

This gives them the chance to experience trampolining with the aim to have fun, build confidence, improve agility, balance and co-ordination and then to feed into our more structured, coached pre-school sessions.

We do not allow children aged 3 years and over in this session as we have to consider the safety of the youngest members of the group.

Please note this is not a coached session – although there will be a fully qualified coach present, parents are responsible for their own children at all times.

Pre School for children aged 3 and over up to school age

Mostly play with a little guidance, to allow children to discover rather than train.  Not to expect too much but allow a natural enthusiasm to express itself.

Children of School Age

After school we have recreational Junior classes for children aged 4/5 years and above.  These begin at 4:00pm and contine until 7:30m every day including Saturdays 10:00am til 2:00pm.

These classes are taught by qualified British Gymnastic Coaches who encourage members to work towards the British Gymnastics Proficiency Award Scheme badges and are all invited to join in our annual Club Championships.

Reception to School Yr 2

Covering basic techniques, including body twists and landings.  Working towards British Gymanstics awards scheme.

Juniors (School Yr 3-6)

Practicing a more extended set of basic techniques.  Working towards advanced British Gymnastics awards scheme.

Seniors (School Yr 7-11)

Sociable fitness session in a relaxed atmosphere.  Coaches available for those who would like to master basic techniques or just come along and bounce for fun!


Our dedicated sessions for those with disabilities or special needs.


Our Development Squads are for children aged from 6 years who wish to train towards regional and national competition standard.  Each session is for 1.5 hours in length, beginning with once a week then progressing to twice a week. 


We offer 1 hour sessions for beginners to advanced for around 480 calories of exercise!

Please contact the centre for times and prices.


Bounce-On Pathway

Parent & ToddlerTuesday10.00Trampoline & Activity Centre
Parent & ToddlerFriday10.00Trampoline & Activity Centre

For children who can at least crawl.

Spaces for each session are limited and are on a Pay As You Go, First Come First Served basis.  

Please ensure your toddler is wearing soft leisure wear for the activity – denim is not permitted.  Please see our What to Wear section.

For further information please contact the Trampoline Activity Centre on 01277 500282 or 


Disability (ages 5-9)Tuesday4:30Trampoline & Activity Centre
Disability (ages 10-17)Tuesday5:30Trampoline & Activity Centre
Disability (ages 18+)Tuesday6:30Trampoline & Activity Centre
Disability (ages 5-9)Saturday10:00/11:00Trampoline & Activity Centre

Please call us on 01277 500282 to discuss your child’s particular needs so that we can ensure that we offer the most appropriate session.  


Development SquadMonday7:30-8:30pmTrampoline & Activity Centre
Development SquadTuesday5:00-6:30pm/6:00-7:30pmTrampoline & Activity Centre
Development SquadThursday5.00-6.30pm/6.30-8.00pmTrampoline & Activity Centre
Development SquadFriday4.00-5.30pmTrampoline & Activity Centre
Development SquadSaturday11:30am-12:30pm/12:30-2:00pmTrampoline & Activity Centre