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Visitor Guidelines

As part of the club’s protection policies for children and vulnerable adults, we kindly request that all non-members on club premises adhere to the following rules and procedures:-

If you wish to enter the Ted Blake Hall, please do so only with the Coach’s specific knowledge.

If your child is being collected by someone who does not normally pick them up, please ensure the coach in charge of the session is aware of this.

No photography or video recording equipment, including photo and video imaging mobile phones, may be used during training sessions.  On competition and Gala days please register with the organisers if you wish to use this equipment in the gym.

Please ensure your child is aware of and abides by the Members Code of Conduct at all times (displayed on the club notice boards).

Please avoid any behaviour that could be interpreted as intimidating, this includes threatening, bullying, trying to gain an unfair advantage and public disparagement of club members/coaches.

Should you wish to raise any concern about any aspect of the club procedures or regarding a specific incident please contact one of our Welfare & Protection Officers (contact details displayed on the notice board).